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Valhalla Calls is a 1 vs 1 local dueling card game where your objective is to die with honor.

Two Viking Warlords who have dishonored their clans must now use their supernatural armies to accomplish the greatest glory for a viking ; to die in the battlefield at the hands of a worthy opponent.

There are two ways to win, either have your Health Points depleted to 0 or to increase your Honor Points to 20. To play a card, you must sacrifice a certain number of your HP but you can only play 1 per turn.

This game was made for a 48h game jam by a team of 7 French Game Design students.

This game was made by:

Kilian Baptentier - Card Designer

Ludovic Bouron - Lead Artist

Maxime Driot - UI Designer + Dishwasher

Severin Jacob - Lead Designer

Hugo Leang - Programmer/Art

Paul Lyaudet - Lead Programmer

Dorian Ribeiro - Game Designer/Art

Most of the art for this game is not ours, all rights remain with their original artists.


Valhalla Calls - A Viking Card Game.rar 99 MB